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Solar Mini Grid | Microgrid 2017 Conference issues Call for Presentations
Mini-grid and micro-grid news, models and development around the world.
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Microgrid 2017 Conference issues Call for Presentations

Microgrid 2017 Conference issues Call for Presentations

Microgrid Knowledge, the International District Energy Association and the Microgrid Resources Coalition have issued a call for presentations for their Microgrid 2017 conference. To be held in Boston, the November 6-8 conference promises to be the defining microgrid event of the year. Microgrid 2017 follows up Microgrid Knowledge’s successful 2016 event in New York City where energy leaders charted the future course for the rising microgrid industry. “I feel like I am speaking to the all-star team of the microgrid industry.” — Micah Kotch, former director of the NY Prize, speaking at the Microgrid 2016 Conference in NYC Today’s call for papers seek presentations for Microgrid 2017 that address the rapidly changing microgrid landscape in the U.S and internationally. Those interested in presenting should submit abstracts of not more than 75 words by 5 p.m. ET on March 17. Participants may offer papers for conference tracks on technology and innovation, policy and regulation, and business or market development. Conference organizers will give preference to case studies and real world examples that include minimal commercial or promotional content. Weight also will be given to new concepts and strategies likely to evoke audience discussion and advance industry understanding. Microgrid 2017 will feature prominent… Read the rest of the story at Microgrid 2017 Conference issues Call for Presentations

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