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Solar Mini Grid | How solar power station changed villagers’ lives
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How solar power station changed villagers’ lives

How solar power station changed villagers’ lives

Dar es Salaam. Elisha Laizer owns a small stationery store that provides photocopying and printing services in Kitumbeine, a Maasai village 150 kilometres from the city of Arusha. Kitumbeine is also 40 kilometres from the nearest electricity grid, but that has not stopped Elisha. That’s because his store is actually inside a 16 KW mini grid container, under the shade of 60 solar panels. While such easy access to solar power has helped his business tremendously, it has also gifted him with a chance to learn to operate and maintain these mini grids. Consequently, he now acts as a liaison between his community and the solar company that helps set up these grids in remote Tanzanian villages that are starved for electricity. Elisha’s story is a great example of how the sun paves the way for way more than just turning on a light bulb. In Sub-Saharan Africa especially, solar power has become a game changer, with countries swiftly embracing this clean, renewable source of energy to close their electricity access gaps. A confluence of favourable market forces, including cheaper-than-ever prices and technology, have encouraged the uptake of solar by private investors and countries alike. Solar PV costs have dropped… Read the rest of the story at How solar power station changed villagers’ lives

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