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Solar Mini Grid | Smart Cities: Waste energy to green energy with IoT
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Smart Cities: Waste energy to green energy with IoT

Smart Cities: Waste energy to green energy with IoT

The smart microgrid using IoT senses real-time demands from each test bench in the plant, the recovery potential, plant’s internal electrical demand and the grid’s capability to accept the recovered electricity surplus from the plant By Amit Ranjan The record-high air pollution in Delhi most recently gave a wake-up call to take decisive actions to improve air quality. Recent studies say that India ranks 4th worldwide and accounts for 5.8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Some environment scientists put the average life expectancy in India to 63 years; the air quality is to be blamed for this. Data charted by Central Electricity Authority of India for October 2016, indicates that 70% of our current energy sources are carbon emitting sources. If we pair this with our current global position in emissions and our increasing demand for energy, the need to focus on non-carbon emitting sources of energy will be paramount. Many nations including India have so far zeroed in for solutions such as solar energy or wind energy. However, both of them come with their own setbacks such as compatibility or ecosystem, for instance, solar installations give energy during peak sun time only or for wind energy- the wind… Read the rest of the story at Smart Cities: Waste energy to green energy with IoT

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